Indoor Heated Fishing

Indoor Heated Fishing

A guest fishing with a cane pole and enjoying a glass of wine in our indoor, heating fishing room.

Fishing in Comfort

Experience Beaver Lake fishing like never before! A unique amenity for guests of Beaver Lakefront Cabins, fishing in Arkansas doesn’t get any easier or more relaxing. No matter what time of the year you stay, plan on fishing in comfort and style and you can purchase your fishing at our front desk. In fact upon entering, many guests are struck by the tranquility of this unusual environment and spend several minutes staring at the water before laughing with those who prefer to match wits with our experienced, aquatic staff of bait thieves.

While this may look like an aquarium, the fishing room is open to the lake and is an integral part of our boat dock, swim deck and floating picnic area.  During the day, light entering from under the sides highlights the clear water and healthy, diverse fishing potential of Beaver Lake.  During the night, underwater floodlights attract the fish sometimes resulting in an early morning feeding frenzy.  Numerous cedar trees are suspended from the infrastructure and distributed with weights across the bottom of the lake to create a vibrant, year-round fish habitat.  Large mouth bass, crappie, channel & spoonbill catfish, blue gill, perch and turtles love it here.

How long has it been since you dug for worms?  If the answer is never, then this is your chance to broaden your horizons in our stock tank full of European Night Crawlers.  Alternately, you can scoop minnows out of the minnow tank and all our bait is complimentary.  After you ‘land the big one,’ the fish cleaning station is conveniently located by the door and there is a sink for washing your hands in between the worm farm and minnow tank.  For those who prefer a change of scenery, complimentary pedal boats are available on the boat dock for either fishing or leisure or you can swim away in one of our fishing inner tubes.

The exterior of the room is surrounded with a rubber skirt that extends into the water, creating a wind-proof seal.  During the winter, electric heat keeps the enclosure warm while during the summer, ceiling fans, windows and double six-foot wide atrium doors make for cool breezes.  We provide a microwave for your convenience or you can try your luck in our bring-one, take-one community tackle area with hooks, weights, lures, stringers, minnow buckets, rod and reels, cane poles, stink bait, spinners, jigs, filet knives and various other accessories.

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