Canoe, Kayaks & Pedal Boats

Canoe, Kayaks & Pedal Boats

Two guests on solo kayaks on Beaver Lake provided complimentary to all registered guests.

Complimentary Rentals

Explore Beaver Lake during your stay by using any of our complimentary, self-propelled boats. The canoe, kayaks, pedal boat, and paddle boards can be used on a first come, first serve basis. So grab a cooler and head out for parts unknown.

Pedal boats are a popular choice given their greater stability and sun canopy. Still, Lewis and Clarke were able to explore the Louisiana Purchase in a canoe, so you might want to try your hand at Beaver Lake. The canoe can be challenging–although capsizing has been a very rare occurrence, based on the number of completely dry guests returning.

And if you have ever wondered what kayaks are like, this is the perfect opportunity to try one. Our kayak(s) is the ‘sit-on-top’ variety, so there is no need to place your legs inside the boat or know any special technique for righting yourself should you tip over. Basically, they are just like any pool float, except they are streamlined, designed to paddle easily and come with storage areas for your picnic supplies.

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