Directions from Saint Louis



  1. Proceed west on Interstate 44.
  2. From the intersection of I-44, Exit 44 / Missouri State Road H, go south on MO H 14.7 miles to Monett.
    1. Hwy H runs next to I-44 on the south side of the interstate.  After about 2.5 miles, you will need to make a left hand turn to stay on Hwy H and go to Monett.  If you don't make the left hand turn, you will be on the service road for I-44.
  3. Once you enter Monett, turn right at the first light onto Cleveland Street / US 60 Business west.
  4. Continue 0.5 miles to Central Street / MO Hwy 37.
    1. You will go through one stop sign and a blinking red light before you get to the left turn at a full stop light for Central Street / MO Hwy 37.
  5. Turn left onto Central Street / MO Hwy 37 south and go 33.9 miles to US 62 east which is in the town of Gateway, AR.
    1. Central Street will wind its way through an old residential part of Monett and end up at a stop light which is the intersection of US 60 and MO 37.  Just go straight through the light and its smooth sailing to Gateway, AR.
    2. After 17.4 miles, you will come to the first of two stop lights in the town of Cassville.  Here you will find a Walmart Supercenter on your right.  The is the best place to buy groceries prior to arrival.  This Walmart also sells liquor.
  6. Turn left onto US 62 east and continue east 8.7 miles to State Road 187 south.
    1. Warning!  AR 187 intersects US 62 three times.  About one mile before your right turn onto AR 187 south, you will see the intersection for AR 187 north.  Please do NOT turn left onto 187 north.  Go another mile and you will see the right turn onto 187 south.
    2. There is a large brown government sign that says 'Beaver Dam 2 ½ miles' at the second intersection of US 62 and AR 187 where you should turn.
  7. Turn right onto AR 187 south and continue for 5.5 miles to Carroll County 120, which is also signed Oak Ridge Lane.
    1. For reference points, you will go over the dam and past the fire department on the left.
    2. Next you will see C & J Sports, also on your left where you can purchase ice, soft drinks, pizza, beer and snack foods.
    3. Next you will go PAST a fork in the road with a group of signs pointing right to other resorts.  We are Beaver Lakefront Cabins, but occasionally guests accidentally follow the signs for Beaver Lake Cottages, which makes for a long detour.
  8. Turn right onto Carroll County Road 120 (Oak Ridge Lane).  This road is hard to spot at night.  Look for our sign on the right with Beaver Lakefront Cabins in reflective letters over a picture of a sunset.  Note that the road is unpaved and directly across from the Beaver Lake Baptist Church.
  9. Once on Carroll County 120 / Oak Ridge Lane, you will see more signs with a sunset and arrows underneath. 'Follow the sunset' 1.25 miles to our door where you will see a parking lot, the main lodge, and the office off to the right. Please park in front of the office and check-in.