Directions from Eureka Springs



  1. From the Hart's Grocery Store parking, which is the best place to buy groceries prior to your arrival, turn right when exiting and go west on US 62 4.6 miles to AR 187 south.
    1. You will have just climbed a long, curving hill and you will see the Riverlake Outdoor Center & Exxon station where you are supposed to turn left onto AR 187 south.  Note that this is the last place to purchase snacks or beer before your arrival.
  2. Turn left onto AR 187 south and continue for 3.5 miles to Carroll County 120 / Oak Ridge Lane.
  3. Turn left onto Carroll County Road 120 (Oak Ridge Lane).  This road is hard to spot at night.  Look for our sign on the left with Beaver Lakefront Cabins in reflective letters over a picture of a sunset.  Note that the road is unpaved and directly across from the Beaver Lake Baptist Church.
  4. Once on Carroll County 120 / Oak Ridge Lane, you will see more signs with a sunset and arrows underneath. 'Follow the sunset' 1.25 miles to our door where you will see a parking lot, the main lodge, and the office off to the right. Please park in front of the office and check-in.