In-Room Couple's Massage


One of our massage therapists giving an indoor massage.

We came to this beautiful cabin for vacation. This place is wonderful and private. Everything is so simple here yet relaxing. From kayaking to having a romantic bath in our cabin over-looking the lake we both got a 1 hour massage and feel like it completed the trip. I would recommend this place to anyone who needs a break away. Hope everyone loves this place as much as we did.

5 Stars -

Review of Beaver Lakefront Cabins

We choose this spot for our 35th anniversary and are so happy we did. Could not have had a more relaxing, fun time. The rooms are immaculate. The view is miraculous and you can do as much or as little as you wish. Staff is amazing. I had an in-room massage. She was professional and great. Thank you for the time of our life. We will be back."

5 Stars -
- Fort Worth, TX

Review of Beaver Lakefront Cabins

So you’ve just had a wonderful day on the lake, or spent the afternoon shopping in Eureka Springs, or perhaps you’re returning from a canoe trip down the White River.  What could possibly make the day even more enjoyable?  How about a relaxing, therapeutic massage in the privacy of your cabin or suite?

Therapeutic massage is a very useful form of treatment in the field of physical therapy.  It helps build and maintain good health and is an excellent means to promote a general sense of well being.  Massage increases circulation of blood and lymph, lowers blood pressure, relaxes muscles and relieves tension.  Massage also prevents and relieves stiff and sore muscles, improves muscle tone, alleviates mental and physical fatigue and generally rejuvenates all the body's systems.

Massage treatments are $75 per person, per hour.  The charge for a couple's massage is $150 for one hour or $225 for one and a half hours.  Couple's massages are given simultaneously by licensed, experienced massage therapists.  Appointments are available through our reservation system or the front desk.

Your masseuses will arrive a few minutes early to set up their tables.  Before or after they arrive, prepare by removing any watches, jewelry or clothes that might get in the way and slipping into your bathrobes using the rest room if they’re already there.  During the massage, you will always be modestly draped so removal of your undergarments is at your discretion.  We do, however, recommend that women remove their bras so that the masseuse can be more effective on your back and shoulders.  Once the tables are set up, your therapists will step into the rest room to wash their hands while you remove your robes in private, choose a table, and lie down as your therapist suggests under the top sheet.  Now all you need do is relax.  The therapist will work on your back and shoulders, legs, feet, hands, arms and neck using organic grape seed oil and lotion that contains olive and aloe.  Your treatment will also include essential oils unless you prefer otherwise.

Reservations and Cancellation Policy: To ensure availability, we recommend that you book your massage when you book your room, however massages may be reserved through the front desk on shorter notice.  You may cancel your massage up to 48 hours in advance free of charge.  Cancellations less than 48 hours in advance are non-refundable.