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Limit out on the White River with Gene Chapman and Beaver Guide Service.

Whether you normally just watch fish in an aquarium or you're a seasoned pro with many a tale, Gene Chapman with Beaver Guide Service can help you find 'The Bite' you're looking for. With over 30 years experience, Gene is accomplished at providing his guests with unique, pleasant and professional fishing adventures both on Beaver Lake or on the White River. Actually, Beaver Lake and the White River are the same thing since the lake is formed by the Beaver Dam constructed by the Army Corp. of Engineers from 1960-1966. Behind the dam, the White River flows into Beaver Lake over 30 miles to the west so by the time the water has made it all the way to the Dam, the river sediment has had time to settle out often making visibility at this end of Beaver a full 20 feet or more. Below the dam, the cool, clear, lake water from the bottom is continuously released into the next section of the White River making it an ideal habit for trout and white bass.

Each body of water provides its own unique fishing experience, and Gene is familiar with how to make the best out of either environment. So how does it work? Well, since the goal here is to catch fish, you will need to go fishing when and where the fish are biting and that usually means in the very early morning around dawn. Other times of the year, especially in July and August, the fish are best caught at night after the recreational boat traffic has cleared out.  Depending what you're after and what the fish are going, Gene may meet you at our boat dock, but most likely you'll meet him by the Beaver Dam or at his house just a few miles from the resort for a quick ride to where the fish are hungry.

Guided Fishing Tour Rates

4 hour morning charter on Beaver Lake$350.00

Up to 2 additional people / price per person$100.00

4 hour morning charter on the White River$250.00

Add one person (maximum of 3)$50.00

Deposit, Cancellation & Refund Policy

All charters require a $150.00 deposit upon booking.

Reservations for trips must be cancelled 30 days prior to departure to receive a full refund.  Reservations cancelled less than 30 days before departure for non-weather related reasons will receive no refund unless we are able to resell the charter.

Choices regarding bad weather are made prior to your scheduled departure.  If it is raining or significant rain is imminent as indicated by radar, you may choose either to reschedule or cancel and receive a full refund. Since it takes a lot of effort to prepare for a trip, we ask that you be available for a few hours after scheduled departure in case the weather clears. However, the guide may also choose to cancel the trip for safety reasons.  If so, you will be again be offered the opportunity to reschedule or cancel and receive a full refund.  This weather policy applies to storms, not temperature.  Temperatures on the lake and river can vary during the spring and fall months so please be prepared to dress accordingly.

There are no refunds for early departure from the boat.

Frequently Asked Questions


Another trophy fish courtesy of Beaver Lake and Gene Chapman of Beaver Guide Service.

Beaver Lakefront Cabins has made our honeymoon an incredible experience! This is our first time here and we have already decided we will be back. There has been so much to do from the beautiful lake to Eureka Springs attractions. We've explored the lake on the resort's pedal boats, visited the War Eagle Cavern and caught a 20lb and 14lb stripped bass during a guided fishing trip. One thing is for certain, we will stay even longer next time!

5 Stars -
- Stillwater, OK

Review of Beaver Lakefront Cabins
A very large trout caught in the White River by a guest of Beaver Guide Service.

How do I make reservations?

Reservations are made by calling Beaver Guide Service directly at 479-253-5048.

Who is the Guide?Back to the FAQs

Gene Chapman is a legend in this region of the country.  Having personally won numerous awards and contests across the country, his track record speaks for itself.  Gene knows Beaver Lake and the White River like the back of his hand, and he's been giving fishing tours for over 30 years.  His clients will attest not only to his fishing expertise, but his story-filled, entertaining tours that make any fishing tour an adventure to remember!

What should I wear?Back to the FAQs

Weather on the lake or river is unpredictable and subject to change over the course of a single trip.  Extra clothing and rain or wind gear is a good idea since you will only miss what you didn't bring along. Sunscreen and sunglasses are very important in the summer.

Is there a bathroom on board?Back to the FAQs

No, but if nature calls, you have several options including public facilities at State Parks.

How do I get a fishing license?Back to the FAQs

Two options. You can call 1-800-364-GAME and the conservation commission will take your information and credit card and give you a confirmation number. Alternately, we sell them at the front desk.

Can I bring alcoholic beverages?Back to the FAQs

Sure, but remember the legal drinking age is 21 and it is enforced.  You may BYOB subject to prevailing regulations, and glass containers of any kind are not permitted.  Safety is always the first concern, therefore moderation is the key while on the water. Excess consumption is not welcome. 

Can I smoke on board?Back to the FAQs

Yes, smoking is permitted.

Do you provide any food?Back to the FAQs

No, but you may bring what you need in the way of simple food, beverages and snacks.  A tote bag works well for food and snacks not requiring refrigeration.

How many people may we bring?Back to the FAQs

When fishing on Beaver Lake, we can accommodate 4 people. When fishing on the White River, we can only accommodate 3.

Does Gene work for Beaver Lakefront Cabins?Back to the FAQs

No.  Gene Chapman owns and operates Beaver Guide Service and is not affiliated with Beaver Lakefront Cabins other than we think he's a great guide and an all around nice guy.