A woman enjoys a back massage as part of our in-room massage service at Beaver Lakefront Cabins.

relaxing in-room massages

Therapeutic massages are one of our most popular add-on services and are enjoyed in the privacy of your cabin or suite.  Our licensed massage therapists will bring their tables to your room at the appointed time for either an hour or an-hour-and-a-half with complimentary aromatherapy available at your request.  You will find the experience to be thoroughly relaxing, rejuvenating and a wonderful way to enhance your stay.  The service is available either individually or as a couple at the same time.

Two guests enjoying a meal in a lake view suite prepared and served by our private chef.

personal chef & private dining

Think of this as upscale room service.  Instead of you going to the restaurant, the restaurant comes to you.  Our own personal chef will come to your cabin or suite approximately one hour before you are to be served and cook a delicious meal after which she serves the meal, and when you're finished eating, she'll even do the dishes before departing.  Enjoy this little slice of culinary Eureka Springs without the need to go there.